June 4th Back to Basics Event Details

Wow, the 2016 Back To The Basics is just around the corner ya’ll !!

Our upcoming Event will take place on Saturday, June 4th (that’s the weekend AFTER memorial day) So mark your calenders and come join us while we learn and have fun together. The past two years have been great, and we hope to make this year even better.

We’d love to have you and your entire family join us for our day of learning and fun. Hope to see you there!

~The Burlesons

P.S. Here is all the latest info about our Back to Basics event. 


Back To The Basics  Event (demo’s all day)… on Solar – Woodworking – Canning – Gardening – Soapmaking – Blacksmithing – Recycling – Herbal Tintures – and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!)


June 4, 2016 (Saturday after Memorial Weekend)


8:15 am gates open

8:45 am Flag Raising

9:00 – 5:00 pm Demos all Day


Our Property in Lead Hill (3864 Black Ranch Rd.,Lead Hill, AR (go 3 miles west from Lead Hill on Hwy. 14, turn left on Black Ranch Rd., go 1 mile up dirt road, turn to left on Turner Rd -parking will be on left in field).


Adults $5.00 (suggested donation)

Kids (17 & under) FREE


To bring together like-minded individuals interested in getting back to the basics of self-reliance, learning from each other and sharing ideas on how to become more self-sufficient in many aspects of our lives. Back-to-basics living is about becoming more self-sufficient. Call it homesteading or simply re-learning the age-old skills of being able to do things yourself instead of always relying on someone else or something else that’s mass-produced. Want to grow, cook, or preserve your own food? How about raising chickens or small animals? Want to power your home or engines with alternative energies? Learn how to store water, cut your own lumber, make soap, or save yourself a trip to the doctor with old time cures? We’ll help get you started.


The kids can play in our little “pioneer” home (rustic play house) and jail house. Group games will take place around lunch time and other activities might take place for the youngsters throughout the day.


Have some good ole fashion fun…and win prizes!  (for more information click here)

 Ages 5-9  To be decided
Ages 10-15 Nail Hammering Contest
Ages 16-24 Wheelbarrow Race
All Ages Egg Toss
All Ages 1800’s Costume Contest



On Stage Performances throughout the day…

Bring your instruments and join in “jamming” with other musicians.


Johnny & Michelle Burleson 870-414-1485




* Win a Prize Costume Contest…1800’s time period *

This year the winners will receive a wooden trophy and event coins (money value) to be spent in General Store, Bakery or booths that day.

Girls (10 & under) Boys (10 & under) Girls (11-17) Boys (11-17) Women (18 & up) Men (18 & up) EVERYONE is encouraged to dress the time period of the 1800’s.

Need Ideas…1800 events…Oregon Trail 1830, Battle of Alamo 1836, Trail of Tears 1838, Pony Express 1843, Gold Rush 1849. Think Pioneers, Mountain Men, Indians, Cowboys, Civil War. MEN:blue jeans,trousers,overalls,button-up shirts,flannel, boots,suspenders, hats WOMEN: dresses,skirts&blouses, aprons,shawls,bonnets,petticoats.

* Just a few of the products that will be for sale *

Soap – Herbal Tinctures – Salve – Jellies – Herb Plants – Fire starting Kits –  Crochet Handiworks – Fiber Handiworks – Paper Making Kits – Colloidal Silver- Rabbits- – Garden Supplies – Eggs – Wood Products – Baked Goods –  Knifes – Survival Products – Essential Oils & lots of other stuff!!

2016 Event!!!

Plans for our 2016 event are underway!!

The date is Saturday June 4th, (2016).

Click here  to see a video with pictures from last year.

We are still scheduling demonstrators and vendors for this event so if you are interested contact us at gettingbacktothebasics101@yahoo.com or call us 870-414-1485

~The Burlesons



Here’s a video we put together with pictures from our last event!!! Click here to watch now!!

New Arrivals!



DSC06345Ginger had twins yesterday evening!! Aren’t they SO cute.

They’re both boys though, so we’ve informed Molly (our other goat who is also expecting any day now) that she is to have triplets, and all girls. 🙂



Westley leaves today :(


Here’s my little ram Westley, he leaves today 🙁 I hate to see him go, as I’ve grown so very attached to him. But he is a meat sheep and won’t produce wool. So if I don’t plan to eat him (which I DO NOT) then I needed to sell him.

I love having animals and taking care of them, but its awful hard when it comes to actually eating or selling them. I know its part of farming, but its the part I’m not so good at yet.  ~Jessica

Booth Finished!


Got the demo booth finished today!

Thanks for all the help Terry Ahart, Dan Breit & Carl Pulver

New Donkey!


Our newest addition to the farm.

This is our new donkey.  She will be the “guardian” for our two milk goats and their little ones coming in May.  Well, this is our plan….we have heard both good and bad reports on them taking care of goats. So we’ll just see how things go.

Hi there!

Just wanted to let everyone know our next event will take place on Saturday May 30th 2015. (Details and schedule will be posted at a later date, as we are still in the process of planning and contacting demonstrators and venders.)

Thank you so much to everyone who attended last years event. We had such a GREAT turnout that we are trying to up our performance this year and better prepare to accommodate such a large number of people. We appreciate all the feedback from last year. And as I said before the planning is still underway for this coming event so we’d love to hear any ideas or suggestions you might have in making this event that much better! So please let us know if there are any certain things you hope to see, or specific skill you are hoping to learn about? Feel free to recommend someone you know who does booth/demonstrations and might be interested in participating at our event. Comments, suggestions, feedback, and recommendations can be sent to our email address:  gettingbacktothebasics101@yahoo.com   thank you!

Also we want this to be both educational and enjoyable for the whole family! So we plan to do games again and of course another costume contest!! So pull out them bonnets, cowboy hats and moccasins. And polish up your nail hammerin’ egg tossin’ and goat milkin’ skills. Cause this year we’ve got better prizes and even homemade trophies for the winners! (Pictures of last years winners will be posted for all to see on the 30th)

We hope to see you there! ~The Burleson Family

See Ya’ll Tomorrow, Rain or Shine!!!

we’ve had some emails asking if the event will still take place if it rains. The answer is YES.

Of course we’re hoping for sunny skies and a nice cool breeze, but we’ll make the best of any weather thrown our way. Hope to see you all there!!! :  )

Be sure to check out our just built little General store sometime tomorrow too!!

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